Florida Statutory Health Care Reimbursement Dispute Resolution Process Held Constitutional

Recently, a Florida court considered the constitutionality of the dispute resolution process outlined in Fla. Stat. ยง 408.757 (2010). That section allows a medical provider or health insurer to submit disputed claims for review and determination by an independent organization appointed by The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

After Maximus (the organization chosen by AHCA) issued a decision favorable to the healthcare providers and ACHA adopted Maximus’s decision, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBS) appealed the decision to the First District Court of Appeals, challenging the statute’s constitutionality. The court held that inasmuch as the statute gave BCBS the right to withdraw from the dispute resolution process and file a lawsuit at any time, the statute passed constitutional muster and BCBS would be bound by Maximus’s decision. The full opinion can be read here.

Providers and health plans should be aware of their rights should a payment dispute arise. In addition to the legal rights existing under ERISA and the Florida HMO Act (and other state law), alternative dispute resolution may be available, and is often a successful tool in amicably resolving payment disputes, both under contracts between the provider and the payor and under non-contracted provider payment rules.

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